An ally both for solving day-to-day problems and for dealing with extraordinary situations
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We plan, direct and execute projects that solve shared concerns.
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We have a large team of outstanding professionals in their areas.
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About us

Metódica Consulting is a firm of architects of solutions. We are a strategy and consulting firm that helps understand ordinary problems by formulating extraordinary responses. Understanding the new times implies searching for ideas that make it possible to transform uncertainties into certainties.

Therefore, our consulting style is different from others. At Metódica, we unite the public with the private sector and propose comprehensive 360º solutions that generate positive change in our country.

Metodica unites people with companies, companies with institutions and institutions with agents of change.

We are convinced that we are part of the solution for our allies when it comes to facing the challenges that lie ahead.


Ideas become actions and uncertainties become certainties.

Business strategy and development

  • Business relationship.
  • Boost and corporate support.
  • Alliances and stakeholder mapping.
  • Internalization / Business outsourcing.
  • Regions and local governments.


Public affairs and government

  • Political-legal analysis.
  • Electoral campaigns.
  • Contracts and state regulation.
  • Conjuncture analysis and political risk.
  • Institutional relationship.


Sustainability and Technology

  • Environment and public policies.
  • Entrepreneurship and new technologies.
  • ICT regulation.
  • Big Data.


Strategic and digital communication

  • Risk and crisis management.
  • Political / business positioning.
  • Forums and discussions.
  • Social networks, new technologies and growth.

At Metodica,

we dont have clients, we have allies.