Our vision

Metodica Consulting wants to help understand the state of things in order to transform those things. We work hand in hand with our clients looking for innovative, creative and determined answers that can generate trust and advance on the path of progress. We unite people with companies, companies with institutions and institutions with agents of change. We are convinced that we are part of the solution and we are allies when it comes to facing the challenges that lie ahead.

Our mission

Metodica offers consultancies with results for companies, foundations, governments, social organizations and ordinary citizens who want to achieve change; we strive for all of us to achieve the objectives to which we as a society aspire. We have set out to be the key players when it comes to innovation, empowerment, and business and country building. Metodica offers new and global solutions to old problems, a consultancy that adapts to circumstances and needs.


Our experience

Metódica Consulting has a large team of outstanding professionals in their areas. They are people who have left their mark in their passage through the public or private sector. Thats same footprint that we want to help build with our allies.

Therefore, before partners and experts, we have a network of committed citizens. We have worked in peace building, in education, in the development of infrastructure, in environmental sustainability, in the guarantee of rights, in the fight against corruption, in citizen mobilization and in the materialization of dreams.